Work place investigations

Allegations of policy violations, wrongdoing or misconduct by employees, inclusive of sexual harassment, hostile work environment or workplace violence.

Corporate theft investigations

Theft of company property, employee embezzlement, misappropriation of company property and theft of intellectual property.

Sensitive employee interviews

Interviews vital to management before exacting corrective action or termination of an employee, vendor/contractor misconduct or prior to any decision where the incident may culminate in criminal or civil proceedings.

Independent death/injury investigations

Investigation of on the job death or personal injury as a result of workplace violence, misconduct or accident. SCI's experienced death investigators are prepared to provide the in depth investigation and documentation needed by management in preparation for civil or criminal proceedings.

Post incident review and analysis

In all cases of work related incidents SCI is prepared to provide management with an analysis of the facts and circumstances contributing to the occurrence to assist in reshaping policy, training, and preventive measures.

Personalized training

Professional development and education is critical to the vitality and growth of a company. SCI is committed to assisting its clients with the identification of training needs then, designing and delivering a tailor-made product.