Alex H. Thompson is a recently retired Command Law Enforcement professional with 30 years of highly credible, complex and sensitive law enforcement administrative and investigative experience servicing internal and external customers both private and corporate.

Mr. Thompson has held every critical position associated with other national major metropolitan law enforcement agencies. His advanced investigative skills are vast and have been found credible through time tested successful prosecutions within the North Carolina Superior Court System. While much of his investigative experience was central to homicide his reputation for collaboration and creating partnerships allowed for a multitude of resources to bear great weight on the direction and outcome of some of the most sensitive cases known to law enforcement.

His constant focus on ethical and integral investigations awarded him a 4 year assignment to the Office of Professional Standards an Administrative Investigative Branch of the Chief’s Staff. There he conducted and reviewed hundreds of departmental and city-wide internal investigations for the purpose of determining violations of City and/or Departmental Policy and Procedures (inclusive of Title VII; EEOC complaints), Rules and Regulations and State Criminal Code. The very nature of his work exposed him to frequent collaboration with the city’s Legal Team

Mr. Thompson has 10 years of Command experience in the management of both sworn and non-sworn (civilian) personnel associated with Investigations, Training, and Records Management. His focus was diverse leadership and promoting vision through teamwork and professional development. He was frequently consulted and asked to develop policy and procedures as well as supportive documentation pertaining to national accreditation. Additionally, Mr. Thompson was a trained and certified crisis negotiator and managed two Crisis Negotiation Teams.

Accenting his professional career Mr. Thompson is a graduate of Appalachian State University in Criminal Justice, a graduate of North Carolina State University’s Administrative Officer’s Management Program (AOMP), and holds an Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate.

Prior to his career in law enforcement Mr. Thompson served in the United States Air Force as a Non-Commissioned Officer in the field of Security Police. His core responsibilities were nuclear security, priority resource security, sensors security, military instructor, quality control and as a member of the Air Force Emergency Services Team.